Hygienic Solutions

Offering a broad portfolio of hands-free switches, electric lock hardware and access control systems, GEM’s healthcare solutions ensure a germ-free and safe environment for patients, staffs, and visitors.

Patient-Focused Solutions for Healthcare Environment

Patient Rooms: Patient rooms experience a lot of traffic from medical personnel and guests and require a quiet place. GEM’s Bluetooth access control system provides hands-free solution while maintaining all-around security.

Delayed Egress Magnetic Lock

2. GEM-1200ML
Electromagnetic Lock

3. PSM-29T
Boxed Power Supply with External LED

4. KS-750
ANSI Key Switch

5. CP-32R-L
Double Pole Call Point with LED

6. DG-800 Plus
IP Rated Bluetooth Prox Keypad

7. DL-500-TB
Mortise Door Loop

8. DG-170 Plus
Mullion Bluetooth Prox Keypad

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Hospital Environment

Main Entrances: The barrier-free solution is provided for the hospital entrances, containing an automatic swing door operator and an easy-to-use operation controller that provide enhanced convenience for disabled patients and caretakers. With the wireless exit system, motion sensor and push button, the combined egress solution ensure smooth, heavy traffic flow and facilitate exit during an emergency, as well as allowing easy egress for medical personnel.

Pharmacies: The hospital pharmacies require high level of access control to prevent theft of the prescription drugs or hazardous substances on premise. GEM’s Bluetooth access control system not only allows the administrator and staff to easily control access through their mobile phones, but can log the activity events that can be trailed for effective monitoring. The motion sensor switch provides optional hands-free access to minimize contact as well as reducing the risk of infection.

1. WPB-100
Wireless Exit Device

2. AD500
Automatic Door Operator

3. IR-SSS-5S1
Infrared Safety Sensor

4. GEM-D800M
Double Magnetic Lock

5. LZ-GEM-D800
Auxiliary Bracket

6. MCS-425
Microwave Sensor Switch

7. DL-350
Armored Door Loop

8. CP-32G
Double Pole Call Point

9. OPB-500AD
Operation Controller

10. PSM-29T
Power Supply with Selectable Output

11. DG-800 Plus
Weatherproof Bluetooth Prox Keypad