We understand our position in the competitive access control industry. With the analysis of external environment and internal resources, we have set up our goal, business direction and strategies and further designed an overall plan. We will go to the next stage called “ACCESS” (Automation, Customization, Compliance, Electronics, Speed, and Sustainability).


To offer high quality access control devices, we apply the latest technology to increase product quality and production capacity. We believe there are no sunset industries, only poor technological capabilities.


At GEM, we pay attention to the needs of our customers and develop products based on our customers’ requirements. We also offer technical support to assist with installation difficulties. In addition, we facilitate to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, enhance customers’ competitiveness, and strengthen long-term, cooperative relationship with our customers.


We received certifications such as OHSAS 18001:2007, TOSHMS: 2007 and ISO 14064-1, demonstrating our efforts to maintain personnel safety and environmental protection. GEM is committed to providing a clean and safe workplace and fulfills the responsibility to our society, employees, and environment. We will continually apply for patents on significant products to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


We utilize sophiscated techniques to produce access control hardware. Now we work on designing access control software to integrate these electronic access control products. With the fast development of “Internet of Things,” we will follow the trend to revolutionize new products with technological edge.


All products follow the MRP (Material requirements planning) system procedure. Based on production planning control, we provide products with a minimum lead time and ensure high efficiency. We also improve the inventory turnover and reduce capital pressure.


GEM has been committed to manufacturing products that are more energy-efficient and made with non-hazardous materials. We always keep environment in mind during the production process and the product’s life cycle. We aim to lower operating costs, conserve energy, and provide a healthy, safe environment.
To achieve sustainability, our administrative staff regularly check if administrative activities, such as business positioning, marketing, financial structuring and personnel resourcing, are consistent with sustainable objectives.