Company History

GEM was first founded as a family-owned cloth factory located in a small alley in Guishan District, Taoyuan city. Since engaging in access control industry, we have developed our business step by step. Learn how we grew from a regional company into an international own-brand manufacturer that provides OEM products. The following introduces GEM’s history and great achievements.

Establishment Stage 1992~1996

Location: Guishan District, Taoyuan City
Square Meters: About 120 to 450
Employee Numbers: 3 to 5
GEM was established in Guishan (Taoyuan) in October 1992 to produce sewing machines. In 1993, GEM rented a warehouse engaging in exporting electromagnetic locking devices. In 1994, GEM rented a factory in Shulin district to produce electromagnetic locking devices.

Development Stage 1997~ 2001

Location: Shulin District, New Taipei City
Square Meters: About 495~700
Employee Numbers: 15 to 25
GEM owned a factory in 1997 and then received OEM orders from international brands. In 1998, Taipei and Shanghai Offices were founded to expand sales in the Great China market. During this period, our business developed fast.

Growth Stage 2002~2008

Location: Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City
Square Meters: About 900~2500
Employee Numbers: 25 to 55
In 2002, GEM moved to a new factory in Xinzhuang district, combining offices with production lines. During this period, we received multiple product certifications and patents as well as quality assurance. The purpose of this stage was to build quality.

Mature Stage 2009~

Location: Tucheng District, New Taipei City
Square Meters: About 9240
Employee Numbers: 55 to 70
In March 2009, GEM moved to an office and factory building with about 9240 square meters of product lines. From then on, we proceeded to develop innovative products, increase production lines, and deliver customized services.

2019 YEAR

Instituted a machining center specially designed for stainless steel material of electric strikes.
Added noise audiometer and luxometer to inspect working environment.

2018 YEAR

Installed a robotic arm to reduce dust for electromagnetic lock production.
Instituted an image measuring instrument in Quality Control Dept.

2017 YEAR

Built a CNC engraving machine to design production jigs.
Introduction of four-axis drilling machine, light-hardening 3D printer, FROMM steel strapping machine, semi-automatic screw packaging machine, LCR testing instrument, hydraulic drilling machine.

2016 YEAR

Establishment of subsidiary company for development and production of Bluetooth Access Control.
Received UL Witness Testing Data Program (WTDP) certificate.
Added special testing machine to test dynamic force in accordance with UL safety standards.
New product line was built (for AD500 & GML800).

2015 YEAR

Finance & Product departments were instituted.
US distributor was founded to expand US market.
Convened AEO meeting to introduce AEO certification program.
Establishment of automatic glue potting system and dynamic impact testing system.
Introduction of automatic soldering machine.

2014 YEAR

Establishment of anti-pulling force testing system to meet safety standards.
Introduction of laser engraving machine and advanced 3D printer.

2013 YEAR

Introduction of automatic aluminum slot locking machine to enhance product quality and production speed.

2012 YEAR

Establishment of subsidiary company Zhixiang Industry in Banqiao.
Introduction of 3D printer to enhance production efficiency.

2011 YEAR

Received ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Inventory certification.
Improvement of potting tank mound technique for electromagnetic locks.

2010 YEAR

Registered trademark for Capricorn Locking System Ltd.
Ranked among China's top ten most influential security brands.

2009 YEAR

Passed OHSAS & TOSHMS Occupational Health & Safety certifications
Factory Dept. and Administration Dept. were reconstituted.
Opening of new factory building in Tucheng district. About 9240 square meters of product lines.
Introduction of wet mill machine to reduce dust.

2008 YEAR

Joined IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

2007 YEAR

Introduction of thermostat, fluorescent X-ray hazardous substance analyzer, CNC machines, and automatic tensile testing machine.

2006 YEAR

Received QC080000 certification.

2005 YEAR

Rented lane 302, Xinshu road to enlarge the factory building of 900 square meters.
Establishment of subsidiary company Universal Security Products to differentiate domestic markets.

2004 YEAR

Completed the second factory building (About 990 square meters) in Xinshu road, Xinzhuang district.
Registered trademark GEM® officially.
Introduction of ERP management system to coordinate and integrate corporate activities.

2003 YEAR

Establishment of subsidiary company Zhongshi Technology to differentiate domestic markets.
Increased capital to 150 million dollars and became a joint stock limited company.

2002 YEAR

Joined TEEMA (Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association)
Establishment of Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung divisions of Capricorn Locking System Ltd.
Universal Security Products in Hong Kong was founded as distribution of Greater China market.

2001 YEAR

Passed ISO-9001 certification.

2000 YEAR

Opening of new factory building in Xinzhuang district.

1998 YEAR

Establishment of subsidiary company Shanghai Taixiang Technology.

1997 YEAR

GEM as brand to market for oversea and domestic markets.

1996 YEAR

Establishment of subsidiary company Capricorn Locking System Ltd.
Opening of new factory building in Shulin district at the end of year.

1995 YEAR

First production of electromagnetic locks using glue potting machine in Taiwan.

1994 YEAR

Prepared a new factory in Shulin district to start producing electromagnetic locks.

1993 YEAR

Built a warehouse in Shulin district to export electromagnetic locking devices.

1992 YEAR

Established on 25. October with a processing plant in Huilong to produce sawing machines.

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