We have 3 certification committees to manage certification activities: ISO Quality certification, QC08000 Green Product Certification, and OHSAS18000 Occupational Safety & Healthy Certification. Management team includes Sales Department, Financial Department, Product Department, Administrative Department, R&D Department, Quality Control Department, and Factory Department. Today GEM employs 80 people.

GEM’s Team

Johnny, CEO & President

When talking about his business, Johnny Chang, CEO & President of GEM, expressed that at first he ran a family enterprise that produced sewing machines.

“Accidentally, one of my German friends introduced me to produce electromagnetic locking devices,” he said. “Although this was a completely strange new industry for me, I still overcame all the difficulties with strong perseverance.”

Today, GEM is one of the international leading manufacturers when it comes to electric locking devices and access control hardware. “It is easy to open a shop but hard to keep it open. I hope all the employees understand our philosophy and strategies,” he said.

Anna, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

“I am in charge of financial activities, including purchasing and cash flow management.”

“We select our suppliers carefully with specific requirements and establish long-term cooperative relationship. “

“We require good quality and timely delivery from our suppliers.”

“To meet customers’ specification requirements, we also introduce several production machines for flexible production process and inventory management.”

Hank, Chief of Administrative Department & Product Department

“I have been working at GEM for 20 years.”

“My job is to plan and manage our website, product catalogues, and electronic marketing advertisements. I am also responsible for new product launches and segment target marketing.”

“For administrative affairs, maintaining the ERP management system is my priority. This ERP system facilitates information flow and sharing among employees, promotes production efficiency, and reduces resource waste.”

O’Yang, Factory Manager

“The goal of product lines is to produce a range of products quickly and to deliver products to our customers efficiently.”

“As a factory manager, my mission is organizing limited resources such as people, machines, and time to complete orders timely. Our team is accustomed to work under great pressure but still happy to accept such challenges.”

“We make sure that capacity utilization, standard work efficiency, process rework rate, and defect rate all meet security standards. In recent years, with the assistance of R & D department, our production has proceeded more smoothly.”

Jason, Team Leader of International Sales

“It’s my pleasure to work at GEM. I have been engaged in access control industry for almost 15 years. “

“When our clients visit our company, they are all impressed with our professional interior design, stringent quality control, advanced production process, and clean workplace environment.”

“Our product certifications help our clients achieve competitive edge in the market. In recent years, certified electric strikes have achieved the greatest growth in sales. “

“Besides planning product marketing, I am also responsible for organizing international trade show events. Through these exhibitions, I realize that we need to work hard to maintain competitiveness when facing rapid change in industry.”

Ivan, Sales Specialist

“My greatest sense of achievement comes from our teamwork commitment. We always deliver on our promises when we say so, which brings happy smiles on customers’ faces.”

Ivan Chen joined Gianni Industries sales force in 2016. His sales enthusiasm brings about good customer rating by his quick response to fulfill customers' needs, and he also gets company's offerings and messages across effectively.

“I love to see business grow after everyone’s commitment in our daily routine despite fierce competition and we never give up trying. The only regret is not trying hard enough.”

Besides Gianni's built up quality access control products, Ivan sets his goal to grow steadily with the company and all customers it serves for many years to come.

Jimmy, Sales Specialist

“We provide high-quality products and deliver on our service promise to satisfy customers’ expectations and needs.”

“Customers view GEM products as high standard goods instead of those large numbers of low-priced products on the market.”

“Our OEM and ODM clients depend on us since we maintain stable cooperative relationship, establish good communication on product quality or design, and complete orders on time.”

“Through ERP management system, we can always find substandard products efficiently and solve difficulties with technical assistance. We demonstrate our commitment to solving problems and strive to minimize loss and damage on both sides.”

Jerry, R & D Manager

“Following the trend of qualified services and small-volume, large-variety production, R & D Department always offers customized services and provides innovative suggestions.”

“Engineering personnel from R&D Department assist automation of production lines by introducing robotic arms to increase 30 percent of production and stabilize product quality.”

“In the future, our product development will focus on the combination of wireless Bluetooth connectivity with one-touch operation to offer an intelligent, convenient, and secure solution.”

Harry, R&D Engineering Manager

“I am responsible for designing and manufacturing inspecting tools adopted by Quality Control Department, Factory Department, and R & D Department to improve inspection quality.”

“I also assist to plan automation of product lines. We design machines to facilitate mass production, simplify production techniques, or reduce production steps to minimize any environmental damage to personnel’s health.”

“When R&D team encounters problems in developing new products or processing parts, I propose applicable methods and cost-effective materials and offer professional suggestions during the meeting.”

Nicole, Quality Control Manager

“As a 12-year quality control manager, I have a clear understanding of material processing.”

“To meet customers’ expectations and green product requirements, we purchased an X-ray inspection machine in 2006 for CE standards. This year, we also procured an image measuring instrument for precise size measurement, information management and analysis.”