Backlight Touch Screen
Now you can move smoothly across the keypad when you enter the password. The illumination on the screen makes the keypad visible during the night.

Hardware Protection
The keypad is epoxy sealed, achieving IP65-rated waterproof, and thus is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The unit is also protected from external damage by anti-tamper switch and stainless steel frame.

Access Management
The none-volatile memory can store up to 99 user PINs even without power supply. When attempting to gain access by entering a PIN, you can press a maximum of 20 digits to prevent someoneˇ¦s peeping the PIN. After 5 wrong PINs are pressed, the gadget will lock itself up and doesnˇ¦t respond for 30 seconds.

Application Option
An additional contact output is equipped to connect to other devices, for example electric locks, alarm system, door status monitor, exit button, etc.

Indoor & Outdoor Use - IP65 Waterproof
Allows up to 99 access PINs.
Maximum 20-digit-code password to avoid peeping or lockout for 30 seconds after entering invalid PINs for 5 times (The keypad doesnˇ¦t beep sound during the period of time).
Non-volatile memory stores PINs even when the power fails.
Built-in anti-tamper switch
AUX signal output: built-in additional output contact for other access control devices,including alarm system and door status monitoring.
Additional input for anti-tailgating function to ensure high security access control.
Suitable for British standard and ANSI gang boxes for mortice mount
  1. With 4 Door Status Sensor (REED)
ˇ@Siren Bell (AI Out)
2. Aux Output
3. N.C. / COM / N.O. with 2
4. Door Status Sensor (COM) P.B.
5. Fail-Secure , Electric Lock (N.O.)
ˇ@ Power Supply (COM)
ˇ@ Fail-Safe Electric Lock (N.C.)
6. 12~24VAC/DC
ˇ@Operating Voltage
ˇ@12~24 VAC/DC
ˇ@Creent Draw
ˇ@Pull in: 220mA/12VDC ; Holding: 110mA/12VDC
ˇ@Pull in: 100mA/24VDC ; Holding: 50mA/24VDC
ˇ@Input ˇ@1 contact for Request-To-Exit button
ˇ@Output ˇ@1 relay (N.O./N.C./COM. Dry contacts
ˇ@PIN length ˇ@4~8 digits (master code & PINs must be of the same length)
ˇ@Relay Electric Rating ˇ@Max. 3A/24VDC
ˇ@Memory Volume ˇ@99 PINs
ˇ@Relay Strike Time ˇ@01~99 seconds, Toggle mode (00)
ˇ@Dimensions ˇ@90 (W) x134 (H) x10 (30) mm

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